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 Came To See You

Sei’s had a really bad dream… and now he feels so blue. What would his bodyguards do if he were gone?

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A brow perked as he listened to the rustling behind the white door, curious what the little magical mouse could be doing inside. Despite the sliver of interest, Trip remained back, only stepping forward once it was deemed acceptable. Reaching for a the handle, he pulled the door the rest of the way open as he stepped into the much more lit bathroom. That predatory stare searched about the small room, making sure nothing important was missed. Features firm for a moment, they soon softened as he brought his gaze back to Sei. 

You just get up?he asked walking on by the smaller male as he took a peek behind the shower curtain. It was standard really. Not that usually people got very far when sneaking in, but Sei was a rare item. One that people seemed to love. It wouldn’t be surprising if some obsessed fan tried to ninja their way in to kidnap him. Or perhaps just an untrustworthy scientist. Upon finding nothing of suspicion, the faux blond eased up, lowering the tense guard like stance in his form as he let out a soft sigh. 

I guess you had to take a wicked piss huh? That always sucks. Sleeping for to long and then it hits you like a drunken batter. Heh. he mused lightly, leaning up against the sink counter. The cool moisture seeped into the fabric of his pants as the counter itself had a little bit of liquid residue from prior use. Trip noticed, but said nothing and made no further movements as it held little significance from what he could tell.

— . : : ☩ : : . —

Keeping the towel pressed to his arm as an attempt to stop the bleeding, the ebony haired cast his gaze off to the side, forcing himself to smile a little, yet shyly.

"Well, I also took a shower…" His dove-like voice trailed off, midnight hues peering up at the pseudo-blond, only to veer off to the rest of his attire hanging across him. Maybe wearing white with a bloody arm wasn’t quite the best of choices, but Sei hadn’t in mind that Trip would be looking for him then of all times. What if he could trust his bodyguard and tell him the truth? That he was reverting to what he once was when a baby still… Would the man be able to keep his mouth shut about it? Or would he just nonchalantly lay the information open to Toue and his men? What a double edged sword that situation was…

As the weight of silence started taking a toll on the smaller’s little feeble heart, Sei could hear himself swallowing thickly. Trip was prone to get tired of being there soon, right? Well, maybe he already was… and those were good news. That way, Sei would be able to return to his room and pick a different attire to wear. Something that wasn’t white… well, maybe black or— wait a second…

"Trip?" He called at last, flashing the taller that telltale smile only he had. “It’s a bit cold today… do you mind getting me a coat or something?”

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If Protag!Sei exists, why not Sly!Sei? ╮(─▽─)╭ It’s break I have practically nothing to do

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can’t get enough of these two.

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