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 Came To See You



{ ✄ } — “Seeing Sei-Kun brightens my day up.”

— . : : ☩ : : . —

"You flatter me with your words of kindness, Koujaku-san."

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Spare A Thought For Me


Mink slipped his glasses off, half-turning his head to kiss the younger man’s cheek. Of course he’d come. ”It’s an important day for you,” he said simply. 

With his foot, he levered out a chair for Sei to sit in next to him, turning in the pale light of the morning to face him. The light was beautiful on Sei’s porcelain skin; the sky outside was high blue, rich and deep, and it colored the light, painting Sei with a spring morning sky. It made his heart turn over in his chest; a strange feeling, given that he thought he’d cut it out years ago. It lay dormant most of the time, but around Sei, it had again begun to experience the flutterings of life. 

He didn’t exactly have a plan; he wasn’t the most erudite of men, even on a good day. He was blunt and often rude, but he was honest. It wasn’t what he would call Sei’s “style”, if Mink was even aware of fashion. He didn’t know if their attachment was deep enough that he would wear it regardless of how it clashed with his usual clothes.

It felt so dangerous, doing it like this in the open, giving him something handmade, something that was even cursorily related to his people. Not to mention there was the issue of fit, even though he’d taken measurement after measurement of those thin wrists with his fingers and carefully laid out the silk each time he added a bead. 

With one large hand he slid the small parcel across the tabletop toward Sei. In some ways, this felt more like a death warrant than any of the paperwork on him in Toue’s prison. 

At first his expression suggested Sei was at sixes and sevens… what was there special about that day? He questioned himself, watching how Mink provided him a place to sit— the high-pitched noise of the chair scrapping upon the wooden floor was a little unnerving, nothing that would throw the smaller off balance, of course.

And thus, as he seated himself comfortably, turning to Mink and tilting his head as though wordlessly asking the other about the occasion. And it was only when he caught sight of the paper, simply coloured, being slid across the glass table to his major direction that it dawned on him that, twenty five years back in time he was born… or rather, created.

With a shy smile stealing his lips, Sei gladly took the bundle in hands and pried it open. Before anything, he stole a little peep inside it, before turning the parcel upside down and letting its content fall on his open hand.

The way those little beads glistened with the faint, early morning light made Sei’s smile grow to be even more genuine, his heart fluttered as well as the butterflies in his stomach did. Midnight hues were then trained on the stone that oddly reminded Sei of his lover’s eyes… the smaller lifted his hand, leveling the tiger’s eye with Mink’s artificial ocean green optics as though he could see through his lenses and compare both of them.

“Mink-san, I…” There weren’t enough words in his vocabulary that could voice his sentiments at that very moment, and Sei was left with nothing but one option. His hand graciously fell to his lap, holding his present still as he busied himself fluttering his eyelids shut and leaning in as to press a little smooch to the man’s firm ones.

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"Aoba is gone now... and so am I." Those were his last words before he smiled, pulling out a knife and stabbing himself in the heart with it. For a good couple of seconds, Sei remained standing, but soon after, his knees buckled and he fell on them. Eyes open widely and a single tear streaming down his right cheek before his nearly lifeless body flopped on the floor, staining it with the crimson liquid that poured out of him.


Break my muse, like seriously, be as harsh as you want, do what you want but break him, make him cry , scream, run, want to put land between you and him. Let me be a cruel mun.

He had tried to stop him; he really did. His name was exclaimed and legs had pumped to cross the distance and stop the blade from piercing the prince. But Virus had failed. And so the blond stood there within arms reach, paralyzed as his doll wobbled and crumpled on itself, lifeless. 

Virus had not thought much about death for the better part of his life. Once dead, the person was gone; that was all there was to it. And with Sei as fragile as he was, Virus had come to terms with him dying long ago. At least… that’s what he had thought. He had anticipated the possibility of Sei dying without warning, but had not expected the Scrap user to die by his own hand.

The sense of… something was not anticipated either. Failure, perhaps? Virus had been his bodyguard and caretaker for many years; it was only natural for him to feel he had failed to keep his charge alive. Or perhaps it was disappointment, knowing that his precious ningyo had broken and was irreparable? What was he to do to entertain himself now? To have fun? As Sei had just said moments before, Aoba was dead as well. Two beautiful gods, unique in all the world, were gone. No one like them will ever exist again. 

And what was to become of he and Trip now? No Toue, no twins to give foil to their fabricated eyes - eyes made specifically for those two divine beings. The yakuza and Morphine were only passive hobbies, as far as they were concerned. With one quick motion, all their plans and purposes had fallen apart. 

But at least there was one last duty for him to do. All traces of blood and DNA will have to be removed or destroyed, and the body burned. Even without the company, the corpse would have been a gold mine to any who knew how to utilize its secrets. Every trace of Sei will have to be erased. From belongings to records and - as much as possible - from memory. That was how it was when a child of Toue dies; it is made skeptical that they ever existed at all.

Though perhaps… if Virus wanted one last instance of nostalgia, he could collect a few of the ashes in an urn. He would place the last remains of his doll on a shelf or in a case for display and to be admired, until the copious amounts of alcohol washed all significance and memory of it away. And then, when he could no longer remember what the silly thing was supposed to be, could dump it in the trash with the next spring cleaning.

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(¬‿¬) (¬‿¬) (¬‿¬) (¬‿¬) (¬‿¬) (¬‿¬) *he doesn't give up*


As Sei walked forward, his fists clenched and a determined look on his face, Mink couldn’t help but smile, a deep chuckle breaking out of his throat and turning into a full-throated laugh. With the sound still falling from his lips, he stripped off his underwear with a flourish and pulled Sei in for a kiss.

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“I know, love.” He sighed. He knew that they’d eventually have to try to adapt to their new ‘handicap’, because neither was sure if this would be permanent or not. It may have proven the easier option to try and and adapt soon. Trip would make sure that he and Sei did it together, though.


“Lets… Try to get to the door.” He suggested, taking Sei’s hand. “Alright? I promise I wont let go. Lets just try.” he promised.

Ah, if only he could smile… but then again, who would he smile for if neither Trip nor himself could see? It’s not like anyone cared anyway. Maybe Virus did… he’s been acting a little off lately, so Sei wasn’t certain.

With a brief nod, he helped the other man hoist him to his feet and followed his steps, his own dragging him as though he feared that, if he lifted them from the floor, it would fall away and bring him down to the pits of hell…

"Are we there yet?" He questioned, but another doubt came to light soon after. "Trip, what are you planning on doing exactly? What if we never get our sights back?" He shuddered to think that was even a possibility.

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