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Lashings of Eye Liner - a visual glossary

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sndkjnsdkj i wanted to dedicate this to epiproctan~ for being so awesome and such djhfbhjsdbfhjfdshfdjffsfsfdfdssfd

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OutOfJam; When I first looked at this picture, I thought it was B because of the crossword puzzle in the back, but as I looked closer, I realized the skeleton is B. If you look at the skull, the eyes are still in it—shinigami eyes. And in the skeleton’s right hand is a Wara Ningyo doll—the dolls B left at every crime scene. Lastly, L had a copy of the crossword puzzle, so it’s not a far-fetched idea to say that the crossword is his copy.

L is holding B’s skeleton.

Please cry with me about this.



Drawing more Mizuclears to pass the time. 

Clear is into wearing dresses, lately.  They’re swishy and he thinks he looks more like a jellyfish when he wears them.  Also he has a bunch of tats now, since he’s been dating Mizuki for awhile.




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     Clear smiled at the smaller man and nodded. “Mm. I promise Sei-san. It’s nothing you should worry about.” He gently ran his gloved hand over Sei’s silky hair, appreciating the concern the other felt. “It’s just something I have to figure out.”

      When Sei pulled away and presented his teddy, Clear put on a smile and bent down slightly to gently pet the pure white toy. “Mm. Are Aoba-san and Tae-san doing well?” Clear tilted his head as he gazed at the soft toy. He almost felt jealousy towards it. This simple toy even had more of a purpose than he did currently. It was silly to feel jealousy toward something so small but… he couldn’t help the uneasy feeling that sat deep in his stomach.

     ”Whatever name you decide to give them, I’m sure they will be grateful to you Sei-san.” Clear stood again and shoved his hands into his pockets. His happy expression, as authentic as it looked, clashed greatly with the dullness of his eyes.

"Mhm." A casual nod was given in response along with his muttering, Sei clasped the bear close to his chest yet again and stared idly at the sky like a child who had lost his way. "It’s almost nighttime already." He mused quietly to himself. In a spare minute and without any further explanation, Sei shifted the bear-like plush toy to a single arm and reached for Clear’s gloved hand with his spare one. "Come on," Sei called, tugging Clear excitedly towards Platinum Jail, which was now open for the public.

No matter how many questions rained down on him, Sei didn’t bring a halt to his steps until he’d reached a building, which he entered without a word and dashed across a fancy hallway until stepping into the elevator. Loosening his grip, Sei hit the button that would lead them to the rooftop and, at last, cast a sidelong glance toward the android. “What did you say, again?” He spoke casually as though his sudden change of poise just now had little-to-no meaning, or rather, he acted as though none of that had happened at all.


     Clear perked up after hearing a soft voice call him from behind. “Sei-san?” Clear peered at the other man from over his shoulder for a few moments before turning around, a happy smile stretched across his face. “Nothing, Sei-san. I was just speaking to myself. I’m sorry if I scared you though.” He approached the other man and gave them a gentle hug. “What brings you here? Is there something I can do to help you?”

     The robot had much on his mind, none of it was happy though and the last thing he desired was to upset fragile Sei with his depressing chatter.

With the bear cradled in his arms, Sei was unable to return the embrace, although he did lean his head forward a little against the other’s chest as a means to suggest he was accepting the affectionate gesture.

"Are you sure it’s nothing? You had a pretty sour look just now… or should I say bittersweet?” Pulling away from the embrace, Sei looked up and met Clear’s gaze with a smile. “I was visiting Aoba’s place a while ago and Tae-san gave me this.” It was then that he held out his white plushie toy to the android. “I’m not sure what to name it just yet, though.” A soft giggle escaped his lips.


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Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy?



"Harley Quinn, all the way. Got a thing for blondes."

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"Hm, I personally love retro games.  Nostalgia, and all that.  Plus, I always wanted to play them when I was little, but I never really got to.  So, you can play those games with me anytime!"  He beamed.  "I like the more modern ones too.  And oh!  I love horror games.  Horror anything, actually.  Mello likes those as well, so sometimes he plays them with me.  But he gets mad cos I usually win."

He laughed aloud.  “Yeah!  I would love to get some ice cream!  I love food, so anytime it’s offered, I am all over it.  I hate the heat.  Much prefer to be back in my flat with the air conditioner blasting.  Mello yells at me sometimes, says it’s a damn freezer in there, but…eh.  I think he likes it, secretly.  I mean, he walks around in black leather all the damn time, you’d think he’d want to be cold, yeah?”

"Or perhaps that’s just his style." Sei smiled quietly, wishing he could say the same thing about his bodyguards. But unlike the relationship between those two lovebirds, Sei was more than often being the victim of those men’s abusive behaviours. 

It wasn’t the kind of subject he would normally bring up, even less to someone he barely knew the name of.

Nodding with his smile in place, Sei pivoted on his heels and started toward the nearest stand. “Horror games are scary, but… Well, even though I’m quick to frighten, I still enjoy the rush of adrenaline coursing through my veins when I play those.” He cast his gaze skywards in both nostalgia and thought. “Maybe I do like playing that, after all…”