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 Came To See You


I’m always there when my best friend is in need by Lele Pons

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[ もう寂しくない。] - Soulmate AU


He knew this was coming…when those numbers struck triple sets of zeroes. The countdown to something new due to his lack of relationships with people outside of his work which enough to be counted on one hand. This was someone he had never encountered yet…he could hardly refrain from his stare due to habitual practices of elongated gazes. “…so, you are the one…” he stated softly. They knew nothing of each other and yet they were to be soul mates for life. In the back of his mind, he had always wondered who thought such a thing was a necessity. Not everyone wanted someone to be with after all…or at least would want the freedom of deciding whom that person is for themselves.

The closest to Tokyo seemed to be the faster those dreadful numbers went down minute by minute, but it had taken him a great deal of little over twenty three years to get them to zero.

And he hadn’t done it alone apparently. Or so he thought.

Standing on the balcony of the topmost floor of a building, Sei had his forearms propped on the railing and his gaze seemed lost in the distance. Tiny pinpricks of light signaling the nightlife below suggested they were in a rather crowded city… and it was good that way. Sei would much rather hear the buzzing sound of a thousand voices from the outside than to lend an ear to his thoughts. He might as well go insane if he did that… What if his soulmate didn’t approve of him? What if they were someone who would rather be alone than to be with somebody?

The agonizing anxiety that ate at him from the inside out had kept him awake for three nights in a row before their meeting.

He wasn’t ready… But the numbers etched to his wrist seemed to tell him otherwise.

As a completely unfamiliar voice rung in his ears, Sei swallowed the lump stuck in his throat and pivoted slowly. Despite the kindness etched to his features, a highly observational one would easily notice how shivers raked his body from head to toes.

"Mhm." What seemed to be a smile stole his lips. "I’m Sei. It’s a pleasure to meet you." He managed to speak out without stuttering for once.



【other’s brother and my brother.】





Dramatical Kamigami Part II!

Mink as Hades

Used elements of dmmd and reconnect Mink, and his tattoo is based off of the geometric patterns of the blankets and pillows Mink has.

These are edits from scans of the Kamigami no Asobi Art book.





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puppy sei and aoba 18?


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Late Night Affairs


Gunji narrowed his eyes, scanning the area around them. When he deemed it safe, he headed east.


"Yeah, ya did! I forget things easily. I don’t always connect ‘em either." He furrowed his brow, doing his best to take in the information that was delivered to his mind. It took a little longer to digest to facts, but he got there in the end. "I got ya. How’s that work though? I mean, do ya feel human? Not that ya’d know otherwise…"

Gunji felt the small kiss on his neck and smiled. He ran his hands up Sei’s legs and held onto him tighter, tethering him to his back. He moaned in the back of his throat and leaned back to look at Sei out of the corner of his eye. “Don’t be startin’ nothin’. It don’t take much to turn me on.”

"Oh, right. I’m sorry~" He wasn’t. And that cynical speck etched to the tone of his voice alone was enough of a hint to get the point across.


"Well, there are times I do feel human. When I’m in pain, for example… But you should have noticed this by now, yes?" And there goes a reference to the one night they’d spent together. His body was still aching and marked with he constant nibbling Gunji gave him. It was almost as though the blond knew that and kept those marks on Sei as if trying to brand the ebony haired his somehow.



"Yes, cases. That is a hint into my life, although it is not as personal as my sexual habits. Saying I work on cases does not reveal to much either, perhaps I am a lawyer, a detective, a scientist, or something else entirely." L faced away from him again, staring off into the distance once more. “A name… Is it really needed? I do have five aliases I tend to use often but I am unsure of which to give you. … You can call me Ryuzaki.”

"Well, I’d rather call you something other than ‘stranger’, you know." He retorted, reaching back to rub the nape of his neck. "Hmm~ Do you want to keep talking about your sexual habits? I wouldn’t mind." A small laugh escaped him. Sei leaned in and propped his elbow on his knee, resting his chin on his palm eventually. "I don’t think you are as inexperienced as you make yourself seem to be. But this is just a hunch."

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"...Where did you get that scar?"



"Do you typically walk up to strangers and ask them personal questions? I think that’s called—being rude."

"Wow. They sound…interesting." He paused for a moment, grabbing Sei’s wrist before moving again. He took a sharp turn and headed down another narrow side street. "Once we’re through here, we’re not far from my flat." He tossed Sei’s description around in his mind for a moment before laughing aloud. "Really? Plaid? And suspenders? Who is this guy? Does he want to emulate Rick Astley or Steve Urkel?” He wasn’t sure that Sei would pick up on the references, but he was far too amused to care.

He didn’t stifle his amusement, smiling brightly at Sei. “That’s right. You better get used to that too.” He watched as the realization crept over Sei’s features. “Good boy.” He slid his hand down the boy’s wrist and grabbed his hand.

"Then you need to stay next to me." He pulled Sei close to his side and took the necessary path to the sidewalk near his home. "We’re here." He stopped in front of a tall building. "After you," he gestured. He took one last glance around them and waited for Sei to make his way through the revolving lobby door. "What’s this about your methods anyway?” Mello asked, not forgetting the raven’s peculiar wording.

"Bonnie and Clyde." Sei muttered under his breath in response to the other’s reference, giggling himself a bit before being ushered into yet another shabby looking alleyway.

And to think this guy, of all people, was actually willing to help him out… taken his outspoken personality, he was most likely expecting some kind of return in the end. And, truth be told, Sei had in mind what might happen next. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time he slept with someone in order to earn his days into their place anyway— make it a second.

"You can’t stop me from pouting though." He provoked, chewing at the inside of his cheek nervously in fear that his jest would be taken the wrong way. And thus, after nodding, Sei slipped his way past the door and blindly climbed the flight of stairs, waiting for further instructions. "Um…" He muttered mysteriously. How was Sei even supposed to tell the other that he was practically a living weapon in the first place?

"I’ll tell you later if necessary. More importantly, how many more flights will we have to climb? My feet are screaming already!"

The Oval Tower Case


Initially, L was surprised at the torrent of confessions that Sei handed him like words on a valentine. Not a cheap valentine that one would purchase from a discount store, at risk of resembling another’s. No. A card that had been made with one’s hands and given plenty of thought and time. One labeled appropriate for one’s significant other. He was taken aback to say the least. However, he was quick to regain his thoughts and address Sei. He didn’t want the boy to think he’d disapproved or judged him for his confession.

"I have been known to state the obvious at times, so please excuse me for this — but it appears that you’ve suffered a lot of pain under the hands of those men. Not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally as well. It’s difficult when you fall prey to one of that caliber. I’m sorry that you’ve been deceived, Sei." L opened his mouth to continue his speech, but decided to wait until they were seated out on the balcony. 

He watched Sei dart for the strangely shaped bottle in the fridge and smiled. “Is that an obsession or merely interest?” He cocked his head to the side as he stole a quick bite of cake, unable to wait any longer. “You really should eat. One needs food to keep their mind sharp. You’re burning a lot of calories with these confessions.”

L opened the balcony door and ventured outside, cake in hand. He settled on a chair, his usual stance deeming his position dangerous. Naturally, a railing surrounded the platform, but should he topple, the scene could turn grave rather quickly. However, the detective showed outstanding balance as he sunk a fork into his cake. He swallowed before asking the question that had been swimming around his mind since earlier.

"Sei, you said that your bodyguards are obsessed with you. Does that obsession surpass the one of your brother, Aoba?"

Ryuzaki’s apologies caught Sei completely off guard, to the point the young man had to swallow down his sadness not to let it burst out in the form of tears. Even so, Sei looked as though Christmas had been cancelled. And for a lapse, even his eyes seemed to have lost their light. Never once had a person said something along those lines when Sei told them his story—matter of fact, Ryuzaki was the first to know about it. Now, whether that man’s wording was genuine or not, Sei didn’t know. But he was all too aware of their impact on him. It felt as though the floor had fallen away and he hadn’t a place to stand.

In the middle of all that questioning, Ryuzaki managed to coax a small smile out of Sei when he displayed quite an unusual kind of interest as the young man made a grab for the ramune bottle.

“It’s an obsession, of course.” He scoffed in a playful tone, rolling his eyes with his smile still in place. But it didn’t take much to make it dwindle again, and it was after he took his seat on the chair beside Ryuzaki’s that Sei swallowed hard once the next question was posed.

…Wait a minute.

Without even bothering to hide his suspicion, Sei cast the man a sidelong glance. “How do you know about Aoba?” He questioned, as he was almost certain he’d taken all precautions not to let any information on the bluenet leak out, but Sei couldn’t erase past events. And, taking that into consideration, this Ryuzaki guy had most likely been on Virus and Trip’s trail for a while now.

Feeling uneasy like a cornered rabbit, Sei set his bottle aside without even wasting time on opening it. And there goes his appetite down the drain once again.

“Ryuzaki-san, I don’t care about what happens to me. But I’d like you to keep my brother out of this if possible.” Said Sei sternly, leaving the question unanswered.