One cannot shatter what's already been Broken
it's people themselves who decide that

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Another in his likeness. A similar face. Though, the other somehow seemed a tad more slender. Frail perhaps. Ah, how tempting to crush

Sei returned the stare, although not with the same kind of hostility his counterpart seemed to portray. It was neither the first nor the last time the raven would come across one of his kind… He’d learned they could be rather friendly, naïve, or adverse. Either way, he was nothing short of ready to welcome the newcomer.

"Come on, now. Don’t look at me like that… I don’t bite, mind you." He spoke in harmless jest.




Bottom Minks part 2: Buns of steel (This was really fucking self indulgent and I ship everything so please forgive me) 

Part one 

Do you guys know how much I love guys with bob haircut? 


SO I RECENTLY GOT 225 OR 223 It keeps changing but u get the point. SO HEY. I’M GUNNA MAKE A FOLLOW FOREVER FOR MY SONS BECAUSE I LOVE YA’LL SO MUCH. First off all, I’m sorry if I miss some or whatever. I’m very bad about that. 

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Thank you all for such a great time here. I love all of you dearly. 


夏コミのお知らせ | しこふみ 
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Sei + 1(underwear) for seisexual & Noiz + 22(fig leaf) for anon 


From COLOR - by 目黒


is this the part where we kiss in the rain by sewerMonstar

pewds would be aoba…


Lil’ Hersha and Berta! Ahh, now I want to do the other Allmates…


Very rushed Sei :v

Anonymous asked:
Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy?



"Harley Quinn, all the way. Got a thing for blondes."

//thanks, anon!

"Oh man, I would go round with your bodyguards!  I cannot live without pizza.  Although, Mello does get on my case if I eat it more than twice a week."  Matt shrugged.  "Still.  Twice a week sounds better than what you get!"

He smiled widely at Sei and nodded.  “Retro games are fucking amazing!  I love, love, love Mario more than anything.  Yoshi too!  I like RPGs too, like Final Fantasy and stuff.  Hm, and fighting games.  Oh, oh! And racing games!”  He looked down sheepishly.  “Erm, I just like a lot of games, as you can see…”

A soft giggle left his lips. “One of my caretakers and I use to play racing games a lot… He isn’t very fond of retro games, mind you, but every now and then I can get him to play Super Mario World with me.” Tilting his head to the side the raven flashed the other a smile. “I guess you could say he prefers games with better graphics… as in more ‘realistic’, you know.”

Entwining his digits, Sei let out his arms up in the air and stretched his back lazily. The summer breeze sure took its toll on him. “Ah~ Say… Matt-kun, right? Are you busy right now? If note, then we could go buy some ice cream. It’s so hot in here I’m almost melting!” 


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